Birthday style finds

It's birthday month!

Some people have birthday week, but we like to do birthday month. Because. We. Can.

I love to celebrate every day in April like it's my birthday and the phrase 'treat yo'self' is often overused. I know you've been there too, and you're probably thinking, if only your husband could see the afterpay balance right now! Am I right ladies?

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Ireland Family

Lola & Ellie have endless energy, I had so much fun running and playing with them at Petrel Cove for their afternoon session as their parents watched on.

You'll see their love for each other come through strongly in these photos and I know that these girls will cherish these photos forever. 

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Five budgeting IDEAS to plan your dream wedding

Here it is! All the secrets to wedding budgeting...

Well maybe not all the secrets. But hopefully these FIVE budgeting ideas will help you to realise how to have the wedding of your dreams, without the hefty price tag!

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Monthly Style Finds; a Christmas Edition

I can smell the apple and cinnamon. I can't wait to do my Christmas baking day and all of my Christmas shopping for gifts for my family. I'm looking forward to wearing pretty dresses and having eyelash extensions (something I only do at Christmas and my birthday)

It's December and thank God for that! I can almost hear the end school bell screaming that School is out for Summer. 

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The perfect camera bag

I must admit (shamefully) I try to use my own handbags when Doug isn't looking. This isn't good for our cameras and I know this, so I have been doing some research into camera bags while annoyingly hanging the camera around my neck (screaming to the world; I'm a photographer y'all gotta know it) It's not coo

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