home lifestyle session

 jack, jo, lola,
rupert & tilly

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It's not often that we're asked by family and friends to take photos of them, so when Jack and Jo asked us to do a lifestyle session for them - we were overjoyed!

Jack and Jo have been some of our closest friends for a couple of years now, they were once our neighbours and Jack and I still work together at a local Murray Bridge school. We've had so many fun times together over the years and this home session was just one of the many. We had the honour to take the first professional photo of their daughter Lola for the birth announcement, and it's been so lovely seeing her grow into the two year old she is today.

It is always an absolute honour to photograph anyone at any stage at life.

There are lots of different seasons in life that are important to document on a more professional level than what an iPhone can offer (though they are SO good these days). I cannot recommend it enough to have photos taken with your loved ones every couple of years. I, myself, have struggled with this! But it is SO important. You have no idea how long you'll have the people you love in your life.

I know there is a lot of controversy over iPhones and documentation of food and lifestyle choices that go onto instagram, and yes it may mean you have fifty selfies in your phone or someone observes you taking those photos to get the ONE good photo that you'll post. People often say to be present, in the moment, be here, now.

That's why I want to tell you, it's different when you have a photographer documenting for you. You get to have FUN and forget the camera is even there, be present in the moment with your loved ones while making memories that you'll ADORE.

Honestly, it's not even about photos so much as it is about the experience. When was the last time you spent a solid two hours just having fun and being free with your loved ones? I want you to think about that and consider hiring a local photographer in your area to document your current season.

We hope you absolutely love these photos of The Snell's in home family session. It was such a joy to capture.

Dana xo

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