Five budgeting IDEAS to plan your dream wedding

Here it is! All the secrets to wedding budgeting...

Well maybe not all the secrets. But hopefully these FIVE budgeting ideas will help you to realise how to have the wedding of your dreams, without the hefty price tag! 

We'll let you in on where you can cut some money, without having to compromise on style! While I've only included five in this blog, get ready for some follow up blogs where I'll delve even deeper into how to help you save money for your wedding. No one wants to get into debt over their wedding day, and it's seriously so not worth the debt!

1. Decide what is MOST important to you.

Maybe it's the venue, the food, some fancy cars or some really beautiful shoes. Whatever is important to you, write down three things each and then decide together, what THREE things to keep as most important to you!

For me it was my dress. But I had no idea it was my dress until I found 'The One' It was brand new fashion (modern) and this was the first dress I laid my eyes on that had everything I had been asking every dress shop for. All I heard was 'that doesn't exist' and I thought, 'surely it has to exist somewhere!' I hadn't seen anything remotely like it until I went to Bridal On Pulteney, I hadn't set my budget (naughty!) and fell in love with a $3,300 dress. It caused me a lot of stress wanting a dress that cost that much money. So we went budget on other areas and I didn't know I could get the dress and eat my cake too (literally). 

The two other really important things to Doug and I were, photography and venue/food. And while I appreciate our wedding photos, it pays to look around at different photographers because the cost of some photographers (full-time) vs other photographers (part-time) vary in price and quality. We end up finding another photographer that would have cost us a fraction of what we paid, and was just as good, if not the same quality as the photographer we had. I got set on the one photographer because I'd followed the facebook page for two years, but I didn't actually look at anyone else and I should have.

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2. Save on the things that don't matter to you.

Do you REALLY need a garter? The answer is no. Will people see your shoes? No? Then wear shoes you already own OR borrow some pretty shoes from someone you know. 

If you sit down and actually list everything you would 'need' for a traditional wedding, I think you'd find you can cut out a lot. Saving you not only money, but time and stress

Traditional weddings are a thing of the past!

Gone are the days of pleasing everyone, you can do W H A T E V E R you want to do for your wedding! I'd encourage you to break ALL the rules, it always ends up a lot better! 

You don't have to buy your dress from a wedding dress shop. There are so many stores that do affordable wedding/'white' dresses, you won't even need to borrow someones dress OR buy second hand. 

Keeping in line with hack #1, cut ANYTHING that isn't important to you and if you can't bear to cut it altogether, compromise on it or do something completely different and get creative! We'll have many more blogs on how to save money in different areas of your wedding. 

3. Think about who you have to support you.

My darling Mum is a cake maker, and a damnnnnn good one at that! She made our cake. I showed her a photo and she just went nuts and did it. It was perfect. 

A friend of mine used to be a florist and was able to go to the market and make my flower posies for under $500. 

We didn't get a DJ because our friends don't really dance much and we knew it would be a cold night and our venue was outside! A good friend curated a great playlist for us on my iPod and looked after it for us on the night. We would have LOVED a band looking back, but they cost so much (understandably) but being a cold night it was a good decision not to have one.

So who do you know in your life that has skills and would 'gift' them to you? When you ask someone to do something for you, always tell them it could be in lieu of giving you a wedding present. They'll want to help, and sometimes they'll even give you a gift anyway.

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4. Look for the unknown.

You may not know this, but Doug and I were the FIRST ever couple to get married at Burbrook Forest. We found it randomly through some friends of friends that did a music video there and asked the owners of the land if they would allow us to get married there, and they said yes! And it was FREE.
We were so happy about this, but it quickly became the most popular wedding ceremony venue in South Australia. We loved how unique it was and then everyone else decided to get married there, so we hold on tightly to our title of first wedding haha!

There are no laws against getting married wherever you like. It could be a friends farm, at your house, an isolated beach, wherever you want! Just know if you find somewhere and it is private land, you'll need to get permission from the owners. You'll be surprised by peoples generosity. 

There are lots of lesser known Venues you could easily approach about having your wedding at, maybe they haven't broken into the wedding circuit yet? Maybe they're completely new altogether? You could also find a space and bring in your own catering company. One thing I hardly ever see anyone do, is hire out a whole restaurant for the night. We have a wedding coming up that is just that and I think it's a great way to save some money. Some restaurants will obviously be way out of budget and would also not allow for weddings, so you still need to think out of the box for this. 

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Hire a petting zoo instead of bonbonierres for your guests! It's a guaranteed win.

Hire a petting zoo instead of bonbonierres for your guests! It's a guaranteed win.

5. Think about what you have at the end of the day. 

What lasts past this day? Keep this in perspective! It isn't the bonbonieres, or the cake and your flowers.

It is but one day in a whole lifetime of your Marriage. Your love lasts beyond this day! Beyond that, it is your photography and videography. AND the memories! You don't want to remember your day stressing over the wilting flowers in the summer heat.

Think about what you want to invest in your day. How you want people to remember your day (and how you were!) you don't want to be stressed, so make sure you're not overloading your wedding with things that cost a lot of money or take a lot of time! You want it to be remembered as a stress-free event that was stunning.

There you have it! Five budgeting ideas to plan your dream wedding! We will keep you updated with some more helpful blogs really soon!

Take care

Dana x