Backyard Weddings

Backyard Weddings

We love a good backyard wedding.

They are unique. They are brave. A backyard wedding, can be whatever you want it to be. 

It's a good way to express your personality, as a couple. Don't get me wrong, I love a big church wedding. It's great, but it isn't for everyone. Religious or not, you don't have to get married in a church, if you don't want to. 

The traditional wedding isn't for everyone, and that's okay. You'll be able to read more about breaking the rules of a traditional wedding at a later date. But for now, back to backyard weddings.

It's good to do what represents you as a couple best. 

Weddings celebrate the love of two people joining their families, saying 'you are my family, I choose you'. The entire day is made up of small and intricate details that show who you are as a couple. It's a statement to those attending the celebration. 

Will and Co

Two thousand and seventeen has been the year of the backyard wedding. But why? With the rise of social media, there are lots of savvy brides breaking traditional rules and etiquette with their wedding. With the exponential costs of a wedding this day, and age, with weddings averaging 60k in Australia, it's really no wonder that brides are taking on resourceful avenues. 

Want to have your wedding reception at a big old beautiful beach house, but don't know anyone that lives in one? Try Air BnB. People are open minded these days. If you want to have your reception at the beach or in the woods, but there are restrictions- work around them the best you can. Sometimes you'll have to compromise by choosing a different beach to what you wanted, but you can still have the beach. 

A few favourite things I love about backyard weddings is the detail that go into them. Picture the biggest antipasto platters you've ever seen, becoming the tables centrepiece. Food becomes art. Donut walls are a real thing, and they are ammmmazing! No one could ever be disappointed when faced with a wall of donuts. You can choose what wines you want served, have however many cuisines you want to serve, and, you can even hire help to set up, serve, clean up and pack up! 

Will and Co

Save yourself some time by setting up the day before, then you know that it's set up how you want it to be. Things become easier, and less stressful. You can trust your family or friends to lock up the house after you've made your exit and the guests have all left. 

A backyard wedding can be anything you want it to be. The possibilities are endless (and cost effective) You won't have a wedding coordinator umming over your creative ideas. You don't even have to have chair sashes. You can hang hundreds of beer bottles as lighting features if you want to.

If sitting down to a formal dinner is your style, you can do it for cheaper than a venue. You could also do cocktail food and drinks, freeing you up to roam around and talk with friends and family. For some it's a fancy BBQ and that can work wonders too. Forget the preconceived ideas of how a wedding should or shouldn't be.

backyard wedding

Make it what you choose it to be. Not what someone else, or society tells you it should be.  Or worse still what an overpriced venue says it should be or cost.

A backyard wedding no longer has the 'married for the second time' stigma attached to it. I vote you wear a full fledged wedding dress to your second marriage, because, why not? It's still a wedding. 

As more and more couples choose to get married in their own or someone else's yard, it'll drive the cost of overpriced venues down and open up a new world of opportunities for smaller businesses in the wedding circuit.


Feel free to be you.

Doug Willison