The Watts Family- a new addition

Just when you think you know love, something little comes along to remind you just how big it really is
— Source unknown

I first remember meeting Uschi in two thousand and twelve, she was hired by the school I work at to teach some students dance in what was called electives.

She came in bright and bubbly, all smiles and naturally beautiful. She knew how to dance and she had a way of engaging the students and getting them into the rhythm. I remember stalking her wedding photos on facebook hoping my wedding would one day look half as gorgeous as hers. She was genuinely lovely, and still is!Six months ago I put out a call on facebook for anyone wanting some photography work from me personally. Uschi contacted me because her and her husband were expecting. I was absolutely elated for her and felt excited but nervous to take photos of her and her husband since she also, is a photographer.

She booked in a maternity shoot with me for April and although I was hesitant at first, we also booked in a newborn shoot.

We met at the wetlands not far from my home. Uschi and Brad had such a natural way of looking at each other in love. Brad was just as lovely as I remembered Uschi was, with just the right amount of cheek in his humorous banter. I knew the photos would bring out their personalities right away.

They met almost seven years ago through a mutual friend, Kerri. Brad was renting a room out to her and Uschi being very good friends with Kerri, she introduced them. A year later, they hadn’t looked back. It was such an easy love to fall into. They were best friends and could tell each other anything.

I loved taking photos of them. Asking them how they felt about becoming parents for the first time. They had just celebrated their five year anniversary.

There is an anxious anticipation of excitement that just hangs in the air as they talk slowly about their expected arrival.

It’s going to be a boy.


When I asked them about what they love most about the other: Brad said it is the unconditional love she has and shows to all in her life and her ever present patience. 

Uschi says Brad is her best friend, he is hard working, caring and will be the best Dad a child could ask for.

I was really excited to hear Uschi had her little boy. His name is Kobi.

A love that was for two now extends to three.


We organise a time and I drive out to their rural home, excited but oh so nervous. My first ever newborn shoot. I’m hoping for the best, calm mind, calm hands.

And then, there he is. He is divine. He looks like his Mum, but he also looks like his Dad. I’m unsure which one he looks like more.

He is perfect.

I get to cuddle him. He smells really good. He’s tiny and wrinkly, in the best way.

Uschi and Brad look at each other with a new kind of love, a deeper kind. They make this too easy for me.
How can there be SO MUCH LOVE. It stops me in my tracks.

They said they were blown away by the feeling of love when they first saw and held baby Kobi. 

new born photography

The next hour unfolds easily and comes so naturally to me, that I surprise myself.

I am in love with this.

I knew I loved shooting weddings, but maybe it’s much more than that? Maybe I just love capturing the moments of raw emotion with people. To share in intimate moments like this is a huge blessing.  

Darkness falls and we are still talking. We finished the shoot a while ago, but it’s cold and it’s nice to catch up since our last shoot. We drink coffee and Uschi shows me their home renovation album. This is what it’s about, sharing life. 


New Born Photography
How they can be so perfect, despite being tiny and helpless is unbelievable
— Uschi

Thank you for reading about my first ever newborn photoshoot!

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