Monthly Style Finds

This is my very first monthly style finds post! I am very excited about it. We are almost (dare I say) in August, can you believe it? And though it is winter, most of my style finds for this month have a bit more of a warmer feel to them. None of the items I feature are sponsored and I don't get any kind of benefit from posting about the stores I mention. I just genuinely love them and their products.

I love beautiful things! It's important to me to be surrounded by beauty, it's put me in the best state of mind. 

I see a lot of really pretty things everywhere I go and I'm pinterest obsessed. I will often make lists of things I see that I want to go back and have a bit more of a look at if I'm time poor when I first see them. My phone is full of screenshots.

Sometimes I chase people in the city to find out where they got their handbag. That sounds a bit crazy-lady like but the people that I normally do this to, are generally flattered. I've also had it happen to me a few times and it's made me feel really good. I am always overly helpful with where they can find whatever item they've commented on, even if it's something sold out everywhere- there's always hope with eBay!  That's part of why I wanted to do this. 

This blog is going to be a lot of things, but one thing, is a space for me to share with you what I'm loving every month, where you can buy them and what I've purchased recently. I'll definitely let you know of any sales I know about too.

The two main things I'll be posting about is fashion and homewares. This will include a lot about plus size fashion and where to buy as I know how difficult it is as a plus size woman to find anything that provides you to be able to express your personality and individuality while also being available in your size, affordable and trendy. And because plus size girls love fashion too, we shouldn't be restricted because of our size. I'll be writing more about this at a later date. So watch this space!

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Check out my style finds below for the month of July! Leave a comment if you would like! - Dana

The Kaitlin Dress from  Eva's Sunday  $210.  IG:  @evassunday

The Kaitlin Dress from Eva's Sunday $210. 
IG: @evassunday

Eva's Sunday has a range of free flowing styles that are very plus-size friendly! I adore their styles, but am yet to own any of their pieces. I love the look of linen right now. I know I'm not alone in this as I have been seeing it everywhere lately. I have been crushing on this blush dress for almost three whole months. If only my bank balance allowed!

The Bunto Woven Loafers by  St Agni  from  Salt Living.  $229  IG:  @stagnistudio  IG:  @saltliving

The Bunto Woven Loafers by St Agni from Salt Living. $229

IG: @stagnistudio
IG: @saltliving

These loafers are on my 'must have' list, I'm hoping to purchase these beauties before the Summer rolls around (I'll keep you posted if I buy them or not) Make sure you check out Salt Living as they have a really great range of products, not just shoes. St Agni definitely is one of my favourite brands that they sell.

The Savannah shoulder bag from  ONA bags.  $219 IG:  @onabags

The Savannah shoulder bag from ONA bags. $219
IG: @onabags

It's been really hard researching and looking for the perfect camera bag! While this one is slightly snug for room, leaving you with space for one camera and one lens. It's really great if you don't have much else to carry with it. I love how stylish it is, in classic black and it doesn't even look like a camera bag - win! 

I have only recently discovered Mezi, after looking what feels like everywhere online for the perfect rose gold stack rings. These are just divine! I found them through Athena Grace - a photographer I follow on Instagram (@athenagraceco) who recently did a shoot for MEZI. I have purchased the Athena and Ava Pave' rings. I'll post photos on instagram when they come, but for now I eagerly await delivery from Australia post!

European Collection boheme fringe white quilt cover from  Adairs.  Queen was $299.99 now only $179.99 IG:  @adairs

European Collection boheme fringe white quilt cover from Adairs. Queen was $299.99 now only $179.99
IG: @adairs

Since we have moved into our new home almost two years ago now, I have often thought more and more about self care and where that extends to. I feel like it starts where we spend the most time - in the bedroom. A couple things that I love buying for myself are fresh laundry scented candles and bed linen. Oh how I adore bed linen! I've been sleeping on microfibre white sheets for a year now, and I absolutely love them. They feel amazing. 

This quilt cover from Adairs is on my wish list. We are due for a new quilt cover since our gorgeous puppy Olive has chewed the press studs on our current cover. She's too adorable to be mad at, and it was a cover I purchased from Kmart last season. Now that she's no longer in her teething stage, I'll be able to invest in something that is better quality. While I have at least five options on my list, this one is in the top three!

Adairs currently have a sale happening, it's worth a look. They also have their Linen Lovers club, it's worth joining for the discounts you get for only $19.95 you'll get 10% off full priced items and 5% off sale items. They also offer both Afterpay and Zippay if you're wanting to make a large purchase.

Highlander Landscape  from  Olive et Oriel  $29.95 - $349.95 IG:  @oliveetoriel

Highlander Landscape  from Olive et Oriel $29.95 - $349.95
IG: @oliveetoriel

I have recently discovered the world of Olive et Oriel, and there are so many beautiful things on their website to adorn your walls with! I saw this print  when watching the House Rules finale a few weeks ago with the girls and I just really loved it. We all thought it would be a great addition as it's visually beautiful while also bringing a touch of masculinity, making it something that husbands would also enjoy looking at daily.  

Thank you for reading, drop a comment below and we'll see you next month for some more style finds.